The MammAlive Foundation is …

a non-profit organization run by volunteers who are passionate about breast health education. We believe that guidance, education and support can help reduce breast cancer risk, accelerate healing and improve wellbeing. Since 1996, we have been training women in ways to improve their health and the health of their families and communities through the Healthy Breast Program.


Our Mission

To educate and empower women globally to make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes, enhance understanding of their bodies, and increase awareness of the impact of the environment on their health, to reduce risk of breast cancer now and in future generations.


Our Vision

We envision that our efforts can decrease the rising global incidence of breast cancer.


The Way Forward

Through Research, Education and Outreach, Our Foundation Aims to:

  1. provide access to breast health education for all women in multiple languages, in the form of public talks, pamphlets, workshops, online videos and resources, educational packages for high schools, conferences, courses, retreats, and follow-up support groups
  2. support and co-ordinate a global association of Healthy Breast Educators and Healthy Breast Advocates who are active in their communities in sharing strategies to reduce risk of breast cancer
  3. partner with all levels of government as well as organizations and institutions to develop and implement a strategy to reduce breast cancer incidence locally and globally
  4. access and oversee funding to subsidize women who could not otherwise afford to receive these services
  5. continually expand our free database of resources, including body care and food recipes; current research on breast health issues; and position papers on key subject matter areas.
  6. co-ordinate a collection of inspiring and instructive women’s personal stories about their breast cancer journey
  7. bring awareness to environmental links to breast cancer and participate in environmental activism to reduce risk of breast cancer