Are you passionate about breast health and have time and enthusiasm? We have several volunteer positions available. Let us know if you are:

  1. A culinary artist who can enter recipes on the MammAlive website and help compile a cookbook to be used as a fundraiser.
  2. A researcher and writer who can add new research to the MammAlive website.
  3. An environmental activist and writer who can help co-ordinate breast-friendly campaigns.
  4. A volunteer co-ordinator to communicate with volunteers.
  5. A fundraiser co-ordinator who can help with programming our fundraising events.
  6. A computer geek who can help create online forms and research questionnaires.
  7. A graphic designer who can help design newsletters and promotional material.
  8. A marketing specialist who can help us create databases and strategies to help spread the Healthy Breast program.

If you are interested in a Volunteer Position, please send an email and summary of your relevant experience to Livjot.