Dear friends of 31 Tips for Breast Health 2020 campaign,

We are grateful for your interest in sharing this valuable, free information with girls and young women in your community. Whether you are a professional school educator, parent, girls sports coach or other form of girls group leader, we think you will find this outreach project rewarding.

Here are some ideas to support your presentations and follow up activities:

  1. Email the daily tip and possibly the blog and video, to your participants each day
  2. Email or orally share only the tip each day, and arrange for daily discussion in your school home room class, or physical education class, or perhaps meet once a week with your class or club and assign your various participants to share a mini presentation of one of the tips, to cover all 7 tips for the week with the group at that time
  3. Provide the blog as foundational reading for teens to guide their discussions; use the blog to provide base material in leading discussions with younger girls
  4. Create a contest and encourage groups of girls to create 3-minute videos. Recognize those that are the most creative and informative, either by school staff or peer groups, and post on our #breasthealthchallenge Facebook page
  5. As a school principal or other daily group leader, share one tip with your staff each morning to create awareness of this resource (remember, male staff members have daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, aunts).
  6. As a parent, consider hosting a girls’ social group after school smoothie break during which to cover the tip of the day, rotating from one girl’s home to the next on a schedule so that a variety of parents get a turn to share this important message and guide lifestyle discussion afterward. Older girls could take turns ‘chairing’ their own group discussions.
  7. Create a picture poster contest.
  8. Invite a group of girls to choose a tip so that all 31 are assigned, and create a book of these over the course of the month of October to share with each other. This could include the tip, a picture, points or lists from their discussion on next steps to a healthier life style.
  9. Have the MammAlive picture tip card and the blog printed off into a book for girls to keep. Please respect our Copyright if doing so, and do not alter the content or graphics. There is no royalty fee for use of this material.

Click the signup button to receive your daily picture tip, info blog and short tip video, and share in the way that best suits your group, 

Wishing abundant health to you and yours, The MammAlive Foundation Team