• Santiago, Chile Healthy Breast Participants, Nov 2015

Empowering Women through Breast Health Education

In 2020 We:

Strengthened the MammAlive Organizational Structure:

  • met every other month as a Board of Directors and assessed our performance
  • established Zoom meetings every other month for Healthy Breast Educators who are members of the MammAlive Foundation, and discussed the October campaign, updates from each region and marketing
  • provided meeting reminders with agendas
  • filed meeting minutes and documents on a MammAlive Foundation Google Site, accessible to members
  • maintained an organizational structure with regional coordinators
  • updated the MammAlive membership form
  • accepted new members

Certified Educators Who Completed the Certification Requirements

  • Healthy Breast Educators completed this process to become certified

Taught and Shared the Healthy Breast Program:

  • Sat Dharam taught the 12 week Healthy Breast Foundations program three times online
  • Priya taught the program online
  • there were 6 meetings with women in Italy introducing them to aspects of the program
  • taught the HBP in a hospital in Chile (Gian Vichar)
  • shared the Breast Self-Exam video online
  • Siri Indra Kaur taught 4-5 Healthy Breast Workshops in Rome

Developed the Program Further:

  • Raissa added regular environmental initiatives to the Facebook page
  • shared the 31 tips as part of October breast cancer awareness month. These have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Urdu and were shared online in these countries.
  • created a plan for educating young women in breast health, to be executed in 2021 online on a monthly basis. Content will be reworked for teens. Will be shared on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.


  • Priya presented an introduction to the Healthy Breast Program at a college in Amritsar and in Kerala, India, with the intention of teaching the full program there in the future
  • Priya made connections with medical doctors in India who are interested in training in the the program, and becoming HB Educators

 Published Articles and Shared Our Work Online:

  • daily breast health tips were sent out via Blog, email Facebook and Instagram for the month of October with thousands of viewers. Others “shared” these tips
  • hired Lee John to post regular content to our Facebook page
  • the breast health tips are archived in blog format on the mammalive.net website
  • maintained a closed Healthy Breast Program facebook group to support people who have taken the program and keep information flowing
  • posted on our two facebook pages – Healthy Breast Program and MammAlive Foundation

Set Up Future International Healthy Breast Programs:

  • further Foundations programs have been organized for China, Italy for 2021
  • restructured the delivery of the Healthy Breast program to include an annual membership of women to receive regular monthly content in 2021

MammAlive Foundation Goals:

prepared by Sat Dharam Kaur,

  1. develop a cookbook that can be translated into several languages, used as a regional fundraiser, available online and in print
  2. translate daily breast health tips into several more languages and release daily in Oct annually. Extend outreach of the October campaign.
  3. create videos in different languages of daily tips and release video daily in Oct
  4. consolidate the global organizational structure for the foundation – coordinate regional and international membership, monthly meetings, focussed committees – encourage participation from all countries
  5. implement specific environmental activism goals internationally, with a focus on one every 3 months
  6. build alliances with government, other NGOs and institutions; develop relationships with the hospitals, to make an offering of the program available to patients
  7. develop marketing resources and strategies for Healthy Breast Educators and for the Annual October Campaign
  8. support educators in the certification process
  9. continue to post pertinent information on both the Healthy Breast Program website and MammAlive Foundation website; increase blogging
  10. implement existing research protocols to use with the Healthy Breast Program
  11. continue to teach the Healthy Breast Program internationally, and support teachers in sharing the program in their regions – develop a handful of trainers who can teach internationally. Develop standards for trainers and add to mammalive.net website.
  12. network with naturopathic doctors who can spread the program and the 12 tips for reducing breast cancer among their patient population
  13. further develop the affiliate program to receive funding
  14. further develop the 31 tips for high school students and create a resource for teachers
  15. develop a breast self-exam and breast self-massage video that can be translated into many languages. Train Healthy Breast Educators in teaching breast self-exam and offer workshops for the public.