The MammAlive Foundation, affiliated with The Healthy Breast Program, is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who are passionate about women’s health and breast health education. We empower women through preventative and holistic healthcare education that is based on current research and assist them through community support programs.

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Currently we are raising funds to translate breast health educational materials into Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Urdu, Polish, Mandarin and Hebrew so that the Healthy Breast Program and risk reduction strategies can be shared in Latin America, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, China and Israel. As volunteers, we rely on your support for the success of our outreach and education efforts to decrease the global impact of breast cancer.

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Women’s Creed

As a woman, I am a voice for the creativity of the earth and cosmos.

I relate to my body as the sacred temple for my spirit and actively promote its health and well-being.

As a woman, I guard my children’s health and the health of my community and local environment. I work to protect and improve the local soil, water quality and air quality so that it may sustain future generations.

As a woman, I recognize the interconnectedness of all life and acknowledge the consequences of my actions on other species and humans in locations near and distant.

I choose food that is organically grown, non-GMO, and adopt a primarily vegetarian diet.

As a woman, I choose to say “no” to plastics, pesticides, hormone-disrupting chemicals, and to people and situations that do not serve my wellbeing. I speak up and stand my ground.

As a woman, I nurture my spiritual life and healthy relationships.

I unite with other women to bring the planet back into balance in the ways that I am able.

As women, together we stand – Whole, Optimistic, Mindful, Empowered and Nurturers for ourselves, our loved ones, Mother Earth and future generations.


~ composed by Sat Dharam Kaur and Julia Forest, summer 2012